Product info

Through thick and thin, each bag is made to travel with you. At Rachel Nasvik, we can appreciate the search for something special and the need for it to last. Our handbags are made to embody the delicate balance between function and form. Constructed to withstand the pressures of our everyday lives, they are also a defining detail every day.

Cleaning/ Care Of: At Rachel Nasvik we recommend using a clean towel with water and/ or a mildsoap to remove any marks. Please avoid leather lotions and conditioners, as any product that you apply to the leather may stain it or cause permanent discoloration. Test a small spot in an inconspicuous area if so desired.

Leather: Rachel hand selects all leather. Because it is a natural material, each skin has subtle variations in texture and color. This makes each bag individual and unique, ensuring that no two will ever be exactly the same.

Production: All handbags are crafted by hand in USA. As an American Designer, Rachel feels that manufacturing locally is important to her. It also enables her to maintain the highest standards in the construction of each and every bag.